Crises [noun]

Definition of Crises:

critical situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Crises:

Sentence/Example of Crises:

At times locomotor ataxia begins with very severe pain seizures, known as crises.

Again, the processes of production were being perfected, and displacing men; here were panics and crises, displacing—yet more men.

At this time Corydon's ailments became acute, and her nervous crises were no longer to be borne.

It is at the great crises that the masses are most generally right, and the classes most generally wrong.

With that peculiar doubt that sometimes comes over one in such crises, Warren gently pinched one hand with the other.

In terrible crises I believe we become almost mechanical, and are not responsible for what we do.

The Governor was now relieved from the chain of crises which had threatened to overthrow the Colony from its beginning.

In dangerous crises a night nurse had me in charge; at ordinary times a lay girl slept in my room.

At the same time it brings vividly before us the great crises of their history.

It was in such crises that Kit Carson displayed his marvelous resources and lightning-like perception of the best course to adopt.