Crisis [noun]

Definition of Crisis:

critical situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Crisis:

Sentence/Example of Crisis:

Back in July, Tamar experienced a mental health crisis that resulted in her hospitalization.

Desmond could not get support even from Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, who often sees the crisis in the same light he does.

The coronavirus crisis also disrupted Honda’s esports marketing plans.

The crisis has not spurred a spate of shows shot exclusively over Zoom or captured entirely on device screens.

In terms of suggesting he took the crisis seriously and she did not, that’s a stretch.

Those losses, the worst in a decade, top a sprawling list of troubles that has plunged Bridgewater into a round of crisis management, according to more than 25 people with knowledge of the firm’s inner workings.

Half of Americans now rank climate as a top political priority, up from roughly one-third in 2016, and 3 out of 4 now describe climate change as either “a crisis” or “a major problem.”

The softer market is attracting newer entrants from companies that have performed well in the crisis, in sectors including technology, ecommerce and healthcare.

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted that relationship and is bleeding local economies dependent on baseball.

The coronavirus crisis upended the world for brands and marketers, but as it turned out, the pandemic only marked the beginning of a wave of technological and social changes that would sweep the nation.