Crisply [adverb]

Definition of Crisply:

with anger

Synonyms of Crisply:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crisply:

Sentence/Example of Crisply:

The old man spoke briskly, even a little crisply—perhaps he always did when he addressed the mayor.

His mouth was grimly set, his hands steady, his voice crisply professional.

"You travel with the beasts—" the alien's accusation came crisply while the others gabbled.

Bruce caught her interest in the very fact that he had but little to say and said that crisply and well.

"Nevertheless, it is a necessary one," broke in Mr. Wedron, crisply.

Those men stood in midroad giving their orders as calmly and as crisply as though they had been bobbies on the Strand.

He was dark-skinned, of an olive complexion, and with closely cropped black hair which curled crisply about his small head.

The roast was crisply browned and juicy within, and the delicious stuffing and broiled mushrooms were substantial and good.

Again the gravel sounded crisply below their feet, without the overscore of human voices.

"Meaning that we cannot accept another dollar of tainted money for our great work," said Merle, crisply.