Crisscross [adjective]

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As he crisscrossed the nation in the early 1960s raising money and attention for the Southern movement, King joined Northern struggles against school and housing segregation, job discrimination and police brutality.

Whether I’m wearing it on its own or under a wetsuit, the snug fit and crisscross straps ensure it stays put without sacrificing style.

Macron’s infection shows how exceedingly complicated it is to contain the second wave in Europe, a region of some 450 million people, many of whom crisscross borders easily, conducting extensive international business.

Giuliani has been crisscrossing the country attending informal hearings held by sympathetic lawmakers in the hope of making the sort of splash on the local scene that he has failed to make nationally.

Each subject had a list of people I should interview, and I would crisscross the country to interview those folks.

The peach tart was a form of pie with golden-looking sauce peeping up between crisscross strips of rich puff paste.

Great bands of cultivated areas crisscross the planet where the soil is of unusual fertility.

The old oak had been laid in a crisscross pattern, the best support possible in the days when the vaults had been made.

Lakeville had practiced its deceptive forward crisscross at least one hundred times.

Wisely, Sheffield called for the forward crisscross that had twice baffled Elkana.