Criticisms [noun]

Definition of Criticisms:

interpretation, analysis

Synonyms of Criticisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Criticisms:

Sentence/Example of Criticisms:

This habit and the fact that she cares more for color than for drawing are the usual criticisms of her pictures.

Herr W., the owner of the piano, was a remarkable judge of music, and made some excellent criticisms and suggestions.

It was a daring thing on my part and I am sure many a reader of the paper must have smiled at my criticisms.

Moreover, he held strong views on men and movements, and his criticisms told of a man of more than ordinary intellectual acumen.

An author ought to receive with the same moderation all praises and all criticisms on his productions.

The morning after your performance your breakfast-table is covered with newspapers teeming with laudatory criticisms.

We see all this reflected in the advice and criticisms pressed by the inspectorate on the boards of guardians.

My criticisms would be mere opinions, worth no more than those of thousands of other people.

What remains to us, in the mural decorations of Pompeii and the designs on vases, seem to confirm the criticisms of the ancients.

My brother's criticisms are not of much value, for the sweetest sounds to his ears are the bellowings of beef-cattle.