Criticizing [verb]

Definition of Criticizing:

disapprove, judge as bad

Opposite/Antonyms of Criticizing:

Sentence/Example of Criticizing:

While the camp was busily criticizing the governor our scouts from the Elk came in and reported seeing Indians hunting buffalo.

"But if Mrs. Owen is guaranteed against loss there's no ground for criticizing you," said Dan.

They might have been partners from the beginning of time from her businesslike manner of criticizing the paper.

Sadie gave her a steady, criticizing glance, but her nave curiosity softened her rudeness.

Apparently I, a civilian, was criticizing the judgment of the Army.

He turned and examined them, with a pleased yet criticizing eye.

He wrote an indignant article criticizing the city government and raking the police.

Algernon went over to an entrance of one, to amuse his mind, cynically criticizing the bill.

In criticizing the acting of a play, you should be guided wholly by the status of the actors.

You will understand at once that I have no thought of criticizing theology or of discrediting it, if I could.