Critics [noun]

Definition of Critics:

analyst, interpreter

Synonyms of Critics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Critics:

Sentence/Example of Critics:

He was contemporary with Milton, and preferred before him by critics of the day, but has now sunk into oblivion.

I shall therefore, in my effort to prove the Bible fallible, quote almost wholly from Christian critics.

After the first exhibition of her pictures in Berlin, her "God-given talent" was several times mentioned by the art critics.

Some critics feel that, despite much that is desirable in her work, the soul is lacking in the women she paints.

A furious controversy concerning this picture had arisen among art critics.

Quite a number of Deppe's scholars were present, all of them critics and several of them beautiful pianists.

How many in Melbourne injure wealth and brain, I leave to more skilled and morose critics.

Too much importance has been attached by critics to the presence of this wood in Stradivari's violins.

Adverse critics contended that he unduly protected the Filipino to the prejudice of the white manʼs interest.

A lady's conduct is never so entirely at the mercy of critics, because never so public, as when she is in the street.