Critiquing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Critiquing:

He was also derided by critiques saying he didn’t make the right play on a fourth down in the red zone, that he wasn’t studying hard enough, that he was too consumed with his own stats.

Many Republican presidents have inspired critique in this overwhelmingly blue city, but maybe not similar ire.

Instead, he has delivered a trenchant critique of those values as harmful to the project of preserving our democracy amid our demographic, political and technological challenges.

People who are open to feedback and other ideas and don’t take critique personally.

At the core of the degrowth movement is a critique of capitalism itself.

Ginsburg’s celebrity certainly expanded during her time on the court — but this is not to say to it has been without controversy or critique, even from more liberal or progressive sources.

In China, there is a “growing critique of China’s approach to vaccine development,” Huang says.

Thank you for saying that, but you’ll never have the break that you need if I’m still here, ultimately being the focus of a lot of the critique.