Croaky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Croaky:

Old Croaky was a granddaddy bullfrog with whom they were very well acquainted, for he sang for them every evening.

Ward: Is there anything now has a sound like the croaky screech of a jackdaw?

"Or a magpie," answered she, with a capital imitation of Mistress Mag's croaky voice.

"I s'pose she has got her hands full with Miss Croaky, anyway," chattered Jill, bobbing up and under again.

"Dear me," cried Puss to Mrs. Duck and he looked about him for the owner of the sad croaky voice.

The expression tickled him into a creaky, croaky sort of laugh.

"Or a Magpie," answered she with a capital imitation of Mag's croaky voice.

“The Bishop is a good man,” interrupted his companion of the greatcoat and glazed hat, in a strange croaky tone.