Crock [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crock:

When Eddie looked up he saw a big crock mark over one of Tom's eyes.

Dey more dey drinks from de white crock de better humor dey gits in.

The cellar never was a safe place again; Aunt Ann tried it with doughnuts, and the crock was empty in two days.

This Christian device is made of a jam-tin or crock filled with gun-cotton and nails, and has a fuse attached to it.

Then simmer it a long, long time in a deep covered dish; a casserole, or a crock, or some such thing.

Do not stem them or wash them, but look them over carefully and crush them in a crock with a wooden potato masher.

You will find them in that stone crock on the first shelf in the pantry, right behind the door.

The billiard table, pushed to one end of the room, served as a stage, which they mounted by means of a crock from the garden.

His own bit of garden lay the nearest to Pike Island, and who knows but Ben might have slung a crock this way?

Thus, that crock had spoilt all there was to spoil in the temper and conduct of the wife.