Crocked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crocked:

The green silk lining of my sun-hat crocked and ran down my face in emerald rivulets.

Personally, I cant do much, because mother has crocked up and Ive got to run the Deanery.

We had our limbers and waggons chock full o' details—fellers who'd been wounded or crocked up.

After the pots have been crocked some growers add a layer of half-inch bones, which aid the plants and insure free drainage.

Higginson was coming with me, but as you know he's crocked up and won't be out of bed for a month.

They jostled and crocked against one another, rolled over and stopped.

Is this some of the vintage you crocked poor old Hinton with?

Well, is it all rot, or did you—­you know what I mean—­sham a crocked wrist?

Im crocked, and cant travel fast, but I can hold those devils back.

The dusk of evening had fallen and crocked the white marble and blurred the lettered legends around us.