Crofter [noun]

Definition of Crofter:

farmer of rented land

Synonyms of Crofter:

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Sentence/Example of Crofter:

The crofter who owned the lurcher dog lived a couple of miles off, so it was time for us to be on foot.

His father was a crofter on a little island somewhere near Skye.

It was recited to me, over against Dûn-I, by a friend who is a crofter in that part of Iona.

To solve it is to explain the crofter question without the aid of a Royal Commission.

Only by a polite figure of speech can the stone pile in which the Hebridean crofter makes his home be called a cottage.

Slaves at least represented so much money; but the crofter was and is less valuable to the laird than his sheep and his deer.

In the Hebrides, the landlord has always had rights; the crofter, until the passing of the Crofters' Bill of 1886, had none.

In Glendale, an out-of-the-way corner of Skye to which strangers seldom penetrate, not a crofter has paid rent for five years.

It is a strange fact that only when the crofter asks to cultivate the land does it become absolutely barren.

The crofter alone is at fault; he has no shame in living in his hovel, which is scarcely fit to shelter a dog.