Cronies [noun]

Definition of Cronies:

ally, companion

Synonyms of Cronies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cronies:

Sentence/Example of Cronies:

His cronies at the Pandemonium accused him of assuming an air of habitual arrogance.

These discussions ended in an estrangement, for some time, between the two cronies.

For it is a great mistake to imagine that servants among themselves are all cronies and comrades.

Hepburn and Sayles, the latter the proprietor of the Sphere, had been cronies for five years.

They went to lounge about, talking to cronies, in front of the two huge stoves which warmed the place.

Dunton has been making an inspection trip over the system with a dozen or so of his New York cronies.

This was evidently local pleasantry, for the old man cackled over it, and his cronies joined in with gusto.

Just as I got clear of the gate I saw the banker being helped home by a couple of cronies.

Something was amiss with Burleigh, said his cronies at Gate City.

Forty-two years of married life finds us the same devoted 'cronies' that we were at the beginning.