Crops [noun]

Definition of Crops:

harvest of fruit, vegetable

Synonyms of Crops:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crops:


Sentence/Example of Crops:

The small grain crops had been burned to a crisp, and disaster hung over the land.

Rye is now being harvested, and is quite heavy: in fact, all the crops promise abundant harvests.

But the growing crops are too cleanly and carefully weeded and too uniformly good to protract the illusion.

Some in our valley think his heavy crops come from his six days of labor, and some from his one day of preaching.

Some vegos are celebrated for their good crops, while others, perhaps not a hundred yards away, do not produce good crops at all.

The special application of these facts must be reserved till we come to treat of the rotation of crops.

He is always ready to give information on his particular system of culture, and how he obtains such large and fine crops.

The prices fell off and the planters did not realize as much for their crops as formerly, although the growth was larger.

In the valleys the land is a deep alluvial loam, easily worked, producing bountiful crops of the finest leaf tobacco.

Unlike most land adapted for tobacco, large crops are grown without the aid of any fertilizer whatever.