Crosscut [verb]

Definition of Crosscut:

cut across

Synonyms of Crosscut:

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Sentence/Example of Crosscut:

Two, swaying backwards and forward with rhythmic precision, dragged a big crosscut-saw through a massive trunk.

As we had a good crosscut saw, it did not take long to enlarge the doorway so that one could go in standing up, man fashion.

Mr. Goodsil and Mr. Vanater went back after more of the supplies, which included another good axe and a crosscut saw.

We had to cut all our firewood with a two man crosscut saw or a one man crosscut saw about three feet long.

The method of using a crosscut saw was for two men to take a stand opposite one another, with the log between.

I thought the crosscut saw a wonderful tool to train a man, but it must require time.

The teeth of a crosscut-saw are like knife points, they score two lines, and the wood breaks off between them.

The stem should next be undercut with the saws (rip and crosscut) so as to make place for the rudder.

Thad dropped his eyes sullenly and made a feint of examining the crosscut saw.

It was fortunate that both could chop, for the men with the crosscut appeared in difficulties.