Crossed [verb]

Definition of Crossed:

traverse an area

Synonyms of Crossed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crossed:

Sentence/Example of Crossed:

We were once more at the western door; Madame crossed herself again; we went out.

He had the sun-scorched look of a traveller who has just crossed the Atlantic, and he smiled at Bernard with his honest eyes.

Willoughby leaped from the walls, crossed the river, and met his death while striving to reach Meerut.

It was eleven o'clock before the river was crossed and the headquarters of Colonel Guitar reached.

They crossed the bridge and rode up the gently rising, bare, and rugged ground towards Condillac.

A white woman, Mrs. Henry Jacobi, who had been taken prisoner early in the month, crossed the plain holding a white flag.

They crossed the road, and entered the huge shanty, and stood apologetically near the door.

In a dream he crossed the crowded hall, avoiding various acquaintances with unconscious cunning.

The town is built on both sides of the Clyde, which is crossed by fine stone bridges, but seven-eighths of it lie on the north.

Before he could say a word she had crossed a little terrace, disappeared through a French window, and vanished into the villa.