Crosses [adjective]

Definition of Crosses:

very angry; in a bad mood

Opposite/Antonyms of Crosses:

Sentence/Example of Crosses:

By 2019, it had crossed 60 million mobile downloads, with 21 million monthly active users and 1 million paying subscribers.

The post Facebook Business Suite is a new cross-app management tool for SMBs appeared first on Search Engine Land.

Then-manager Carl Robinson remembers seeing Davies in a reserve match in which he took off from his own penalty area with the ball and dribbled past three players before launching a cross.

In circuit boards, if the graph isn’t planar, it means that two wires cross each other and short-circuit.

By the late 1980s, researchers in Italy led by Antonio Cassone of the University of Perugia had started working out which cells were responsible for this cross-protection.

Accurate cross-device measurement is a necessity for Connected TV advertising.

Their paths are not expected to cross, Axios' Margaret Talev reports.

The officer turned and shined a flashlight directly into his eyes, then threatened to forcibly remove him if he didn’t cross the street away from them, Roark said.

The latter point is where Barnes sees the sweet spot for where Bud Light’s esports marketing crosses over into what it does around live sports.

In cross-section the burrows varied from round (three inches in diameter) to oval (three inches high and four inches wide).