Crossfire [noun]

Definition of Crossfire:

switch, exchange

Synonyms of Crossfire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crossfire:


Sentence/Example of Crossfire:

Rotten Tomatoes has been caught in the crossfire of troll campaigns before.

Social media platforms have become an ideological battleground, and in light of recent events, some brands are looking to keep themselves out of the crossfire by halting their social ad campaigns.

I was on the side of the street next to the Brownsboro road, and hence thrown into all of the crossfire.

The questions of father and son were a crossfire, and it must be owned they had good reason for amazement.

The mayor was without ammunition to return Gibson's crossfire of charges against the administration.

Both advanced support parties were met by high-explosive bombs and a heavy crossfire from enemy machine-guns.

The brigade next to the pike, exposed to a galling crossfire, wavered and slowly retired.

All together now bore down upon the enemy and, passing through his line, opened a raking crossfire.

The direct and crossfire of these guns were so coordinated that many guns could play upon a dangerous enemy approach.

He also had a crossfire, that he used at times with telling effect.