Crossly [adverb]

Definition of Crossly:

with anger

Synonyms of Crossly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crossly:

Sentence/Example of Crossly:

"Well, I hope you'll manage to spare her an hour or two now that she's here," Minetta said a little crossly.

Then the billy goat sauntered up and looked over, and after that he eyed his wife a little crossly.

“He and Peggy are about as unlike as two people ever were in this world,” she added crossly.

Janet told herself crossly that it was almost as if Mrs. Crofton had the evil eye, as far as animals were concerned!

"He wouldn't run away with you if you wanted to," said Alice crossly, and could have bitten out her tongue for the speech.

"I find it quite impossible to understand you, when you are in these heartless moods," said her aunt crossly.

"You're the third man that's asked me that to-day," snapped Emma McChesney, somewhat crossly.

"You can't climb when you're shiverin' that way," Harky said crossly.

"You girls like to be bullied," the young man muttered crossly.

"I don't see where the fun comes in," he returned, rather crossly.