Crosspieces [noun]

Definition of Crosspieces:

notch, step

Synonyms of Crosspieces:

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Sentence/Example of Crosspieces:

Cut another stick that is several feet long to break down into crosspieces for the shoes.

The slope for the blades is made to run in opposite directions on the ends of each crosspiece.

Rearmost of all was a wooden crosspiece to which the shaft of the sledge-meter was attached through a universal joint.

At two corners there are upright wooden screws, some fifteen inches long with movable collars which support a crosspiece.

To this crosspiece are fastened three stout cords, their other ends being attached to the table.

Twice, at three feet, he knocked off the crosspiece; the third time he came down on it squarely, smashing the wood to flinders.

Hold the flying-knot here, and fasten two cords to the loops on the crosspiece with two or three half-hitches, Plate 15.

This can be done by measuring from one end of the spine to each end of the crosspiece.

At last they had finished the work, and the crosspiece was drawn up, with the body.

She had risen and with both hands had laid hold upon the crosspiece of my main surcingle and was striving to drag me inside.