Crossroad [noun]

Definition of Crossroad:

an intersecting road

Synonyms of Crossroad:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crossroad:


Sentence/Example of Crossroad:

In 2013, facing a crossroads with expiring city leases, then-Mayor Bob Filner took up a prominent downtown commercial real estate broker’s offer to help for free.

We’re at this weird crossroads, where people say they’re working harder than ever but also say they love working from home.

In this three-dimensional space there are three axes — x, y and z — that all intersect at a crossroads, the origin.

Even at this historic crossroad, the number of women in Congress increased by only 4 percent.

So here we are, at another crossroads in the nation’s history.

When the Steelers reach a crossroads, though, they somehow keep marching straight ahead.

The Philadelphia 76ers are championship hopefuls at a crossroads.

That’s when Technical SEO skills and knowing the problem can come to a crossroads where you need to convey your findings to developers who might disagree with you about which path to take.

Seeing to the fact that social interaction is inextricable from a traditional education, I, like most parents, am at a crossroads.

Your husband left us at the very first crossroad toward your place and I was absorbed with my new-old neighbors' affairs.