Crossway [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crossway:

The leading wheels struck the points with violence, and Jim, watching eagerly, saw the rims mount up over the crossway.

I arrived at the hour of greatest activity, and took my stand on the highest bridge of the principal crossway.

Palm, well stretched out, measuring 250 miles; and the crossway 100.

At this point they came to a crossway, where a passage ran to right and left.

They soon emerged on a parish-road, which took them to a crossway where five roads met.

When they had walked for some time they came to a crossway, and there they agreed to part, and each take his own road.

The sergeant was giving orders to the spy as they rode, and at the crossway the sergeant, shouting, "Shoot low!"

When nearly dry, pull them out evenly, the crossway of the leather.

One day he returned from the Crossway leading into the Valley, and smiled a sane, rational smile.

In this way, coming crossway on, he did not drift at the utmost more than half a league an hour.