Crotched [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crotched:

The crotched limbs can be about three inches long and the poles cut to four feet high.

Drive a stout crotched stake on each side of the fire and put a stout stick across them.

This stake had then been placed upon two crotched limbs of trees, above a fire, of which nothing but the dead embers now remained.

It was made of plank stuck between the logs of the wall, and supported at the other end by crotched sticks.

At his waist the man carried a long coil of rope, the slowly burning end of which was placed in the crotched spring.

We have canvas beds, supported by crotched sticks about eighteen inches high, upon which poles are laid and the canvas stretched.

He rose, limping a little, for he still was weak and stiff from his wound, though disdaining staff or crotched bough to lean upon.

The pipe-stem was supported against a small stick stuck in the ground and crotched at the end.

The crotched sticks were always there just as they had left them where they hung the kettle over the stone oven.

Then he fixed a crotched stick over his fire and hung the birch kettle upon it.