Crotchets [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crotchets:

Mr. Webster could not have hit my crotchet more exactly, if he had taken aim at it on purpose.

Mediocrity had only seen the gawky stripling, with his moonstruck air, and pestilent habit of trying some new crotchet.

Where these means fail, and it is impossible to extract the child alive, the blunt hook or crotchet must be employed.

She put her foot down 29 on this little crotchet, and pressed this passing desire out of sight.

I have hinted to you about this crotchet of poor Charles for a long time; I was forced to do so.

Illustration is a mania of the day—a crotchet of a public whose reading appetite, it is to be feared, is in no very healthy state.

The list of representatives of the 8th February was a harlequinade, including every republican shade and every political crotchet.

The reader will notice that there is a separate movement for each crotchet in the following tune.

When, for instance, the wicked crotchet of Know-nothingism was invented, it seized the brains of the North like an infection.

Denoting that the beat of a crotchet is equal to the pulse of the pendulum of Maelzel's metronome, with the weight set at 80.