Crouch [verb]

Definition of Crouch:

stoop low; cringe

Synonyms of Crouch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crouch:

Sentence/Example of Crouch:

If there’s no boulder, get into a defensive crouch, putting your head in your hands and pulling your backpack up to cover the back of your head and neck.

Now it seemed to crouch as though ready to spring, and I could hear the savage growling as of some beast of prey.

I straightened out of my crouch, forced myself not to reveal what I had just seen.

She continued to crouch on the steps, holding her breath and stiffening herself into complete immobility.

He raised his saber in salute—the only fencing-movement he'd become proficient in—and jumped into a crouch.

So there she sat, ready to crouch down into her hiding-place, if she heard a noise from her enemy.

He was then some way ahead of me, but I saw him drop to the ground and crouch there, crying aloud for pleasure like a child.

The driver and he were obliged to crouch upon the ground to avoid being blown down.

A perfect army of halt and maimed and lame and blind crouch by the sides of the lane and live on the charity of the passers-by.

Some crouch low, others cling to the giant blocks and kiss the rough surface, others beat their breasts as if in agony.