Crowds [noun]

Definition of Crowds:

large assembly

Synonyms of Crowds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crowds:

Sentence/Example of Crowds:

After his death crowds flocked to his grave to touch his holy monument, till the authorities caused the church yard to be shut.

The news of these successes brought crowds of volunteers to our standard.

We were both fond of reading, of quiet walks and talks, and we hated crowds.

The date was fixed for the interment with military pomp, and immense crowds came out to witness the imposing procession.

The news of this pretended mutiny spread rapidly, and great crowds came rushing down to see the affair.

Meanwhile young Englishmen of quality and fortune were hastening in crowds to Paris.

Crowds of hurrying dwarfs came in through the windows, the air-holes and the chimneys, and rolled under the benches.

There were brisk sales and crowds of people all day, with the probability of greater crowds and brisker sales in the evening.

The peace had, all over Europe, and nowhere more than in England, turned crowds of old soldiers into marauders.

The Brahmins, greatly indignant at this, instigated the people to revolt, and they hastened in numerous crowds to the temple.