Crowing [verb]

Definition of Crowing:

brag, exult

Synonyms of Crowing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crowing:


Sentence/Example of Crowing:

Animals like crows or raccoons were already known to eat some toads in a similar fashion.

There were a number of chickens on board and each rooster seemed obliged to salute the dawn with a fanfare of crowing.

One morning recently I was awakened by the crowing of the young roosters about an hour before dawn.

Between thirty and forty broilers are practising crowing and there seems to be a very sharp rivalry among them.

Proudly strutting onward and crowing, Coquerico at last arrived at Rome, the place to which all roads lead.

Whichever I summoned came flapping up to me, cackling or crowing as the case might be, whether cock or hen.

It was an ancient superstition that evil spirits flew away at cock-crowing.

He was mounted on his old horse, Rook, and looked grim and haggard as a ghost vanishing at the crowing of the cock.

In a moment she was back again, with her baby in its pink nightdress, kicking and crowing in her arms.

We missed the crowing of the Shanghai rooster, which had been frequent and exasperating, I have no doubt.