Crucially [adverb]

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I headed back to her a month later myself because the dry eye I was having was wrecking writing in the evening and made any kind of mascara-wearing impossible — crucial in this age of masks, when our eyes are such a part of communicating.

Corliss can talk for hours without a break, as if storytelling is at once his deepest compulsion and crucial to the performance art that has become his life.

It shows that some new genes quickly become crucial because they regulate a type of DNA called heterochromatin.

The Crew-1 mission marks a crucial milestone in the development of a space industry in which private-sector companies provide business and tourism services in low-earth orbit.

Now, collaboration will be crucial as the industry builds a new framework that puts consumers at the center and provides them with the data transparency and tools that they deserve.

The GOP would have been locked out of presidential power for three straight terms, after winning the crucial popular vote only once since 1988.

These are crucial distinctions, because that status determines whether the Veterans Administration will give them benefits.

You can also keep scrolling for a live recap as well as some crucial context to help make sense of Tim Cook and company’s big news.

While Target has a sizable beauty business, it is a crucial area for the retailer to improve upon.

It was a bracingly honest scene from a show that continually pushes its viewers into difficult, yet crucial, conversations.