Crucifying [verb]

Definition of Crucifying:

execute; torture near to death

Synonyms of Crucifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crucifying:

Sentence/Example of Crucifying:

She also went on a podcast hosted by conservative provocateur Dinesh D’Souza on Wednesday to complain that she is “being crucified” for “reading about things, posting about them and asking questions” on Facebook.

Thy fell undoings crucify afresh Thy Lord—who died alike for these and thee.

"Thou who wouldst crucify me upon Shushan," he said through his teeth.

In the eighteen books which follow, the word crucify appears but twice—in Hebrews (vi, 6) and in Revelation (xi, 8).

He has also power to avoid sin and to constantly crucify his flesh.

I ran away from him; I am a worthless fugitive, a thievish Phrygian slave, whom most masters would crucify.

How infernal must be the nature of that man who can wantonly crucify the holy sympathies of a trembling sufferer?

So bitter was the feeling at Venice, that as they passed the people cried—Crucify them!

Do your worst, Bram, I'll never crucify truth to save my life.

They would fain crucify those who devise their own virtue—they hate the lonesome ones.