Crudely [adverb]

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It is expected to spend more than $300 billion on importing semiconductors this year—about $60 billion more than it spent last year on imports of crude oil.

And, higher crude and copper prices should benefit the Aussie dollar and the Canadian buck, Goldman says.

Bank stocks and futures are flat today, but energy continues to rumble forward, helped by rising crude prices.

Over the years, crude mechanisms like blocking content and banning accounts have morphed into a more complex set of tools, including quarantining topics, removing posts from search, barring recommendations, and down-ranking posts in priority.

The ruble tumbled past 80 against the dollar, trading at its weakest level since March, as tighter lockdowns in Europe threatened demand for crude, Russia’s key export earner.

While American liberals fret at the loss of America’s global cultural appeal in terms of soft power, they cling to a crude conception of the way cultural processes work and the impact they have.

A thick gloom still hangs over the oil markets with crude sinking again this morning.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil has already declined by almost 10% and is headed for its worst week since April.

If we followed that ideal, he wrote, we would hold only relatively crude and uninformed beliefs that we had arrived at on our own.

Among them are the Fed’s commitment to ultralow rates, the careening course of crude oil prices, and the mounting trade war with China.