Crudeness [noun]

Definition of Crudeness:


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Sentence/Example of Crudeness:

That first draft of metabolism would almost certainly have been crude and poorly controlled, and it might not have even been organized into a complete cycle.

Porsche says that this fuel shares properties with kerosene, diesel and gasoline produced from crude oil in its most basic term.

Though they also use temperature checks, “that’s a pretty crude tool” says Nath, since someone could have been carrying the virus for days before they run a fever.

It installed a 400-foot-long metal pipe, diverting rainwater from its natural path so the crude could continue to flow into the creekbed.

China imported $301 billion worth of semiconductors last year—more than the $238 billion it spent on crude oil.

These rate increases are despite the fact that global crude oil prices are off their highs.

One may easily criticize the crudeness of the plot and the improbabilities with which it bristles.

The ground of the superiority of hand-wrought goods, therefore, is a certain margin of crudeness.

The crudeness of his surroundings made him sit up with a start.

There is something of the crudeness of cheap melodrama about it all, but at the same time a virility which satisfies.