Crudity [noun]

Definition of Crudity:

obscenity, vulgarity

Synonyms of Crudity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crudity:

Sentence/Example of Crudity:

There came into her face for another glance at their friend no crudity of curiosity, but an expression more tenderly wistful.

But excuse the audacity and the crudity of my speculations—it only proves my interest.

When one enters a cathedral close he feels that he is in a land that frowns on the crudity of change.

Now that she was with him again Ruth soon forgot all about Tom's crudity.

Let me answer—first, you do not attempt to imply that crudity was a help to them.

He is forced to listen, perhaps, to an exhibition of tedious crudity.

Then Winckelmann and his successors triumphed over it for a while,—showed at least the crudity of that statement.

They made their exit, Francisco frankly weary and the young reporter bored by the unrelieved crudity of it all.

Now this romantic method involves a certain element of climax which to us appears crudity.

Bismarck in the crudity of his early inspiration scarcely finds himself for years.