Crumbled [verb]

Definition of Crumbled:

break or fall into pieces

Synonyms of Crumbled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crumbled:

Sentence/Example of Crumbled:

When first seen it is said to have had a pasty consistency, but on exposure to the air it dried and crumbled into powder.

But, underfoot, beyond question, lay nothing but the broken heaps of stones that betokened a building long since crumbled to dust.

The body of his grandfather too seemed entire, but crumbled into dust at the first touch.

Everything valuable was removed, and soon nothing remained but the bare walls, which in a few years crumbled into ruins.

The snow was half melted, and the rock crumbled beneath the feet; so the uncle laid himself down at full length and crept along.

Had I gleaned a fact, that ought to live in the memory of men, long after marble monuments shall have crumbled into dust?

Another mode of improving the quality of cheese, is by the addition of cream or butter to the dried and crumbled curd.

But ever the solemn surf thundered on the beach below, and the sand-cliff trembled and crumbled beneath its resounding blows.

The mud must have scaled off as soon as it was dry, and when it crumbled away it took with it all the winter's accumulations.

But in places it was broken away; the steps cut in the rock had crumbled, or trees growing in the fissures had rent them asunder.