Crumbly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crumbly:

Prag explains that quinoa flour bakes similarly to oat flour, creating a denser, more crumbly texture.

Tasters found it “crumbly,” “dusty,” “sandy” and “almost like shortbread.”

Then, you dump the flour in and use a fork or your fingers, mixing until you get crumbly dough that comes together when you press it with your fingers.

We threw in a spoiler crumbly cookie into all of the shipping methods, to see how much of a risk it is.

Add more cream or stock, 1 tablespoon at a time, if it is dry or crumbly.

If the rocks are crumbly, that could lower the risk of damaging the spacecraft’s equipment.

Its tip was not metal, but chipped stone—crumbly, like the arrow-heads.

I found it porous and crumbly, and no heavier than so much chalk.

This extract rapidly gets hard, crumbly, and mouldy by keeping.

They bought a piece of it, a crumbly piece, with five shillings before they went away.