Crummy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crummy:

The $80 mouse is on sale now, but be aware that buying one will give you one less excuse when you miss a shot and want to blame it on your crummy old mouse instead of your lackluster skills.

You know you could do all right acting, but you don't dare giving up this crummy job.

"For their sake I hope they pick something better than this crummy planet," Larkwell grunted.

You mean sitting in the sun on a crummy lakeside, watching the birds and bees?

And Crummy—thats my outside man—kin handle the front and make the spiel, and take in what money comes in.

"I get it, all right, you crummy little chiseler," growled Astro.

Gimme another glass of milk and another of these crummy sandwiches.

I got up and said, "I think I am getting crummy, so I'm going off."