Crumple [verb]

Definition of Crumple:

make or become wrinkled

Synonyms of Crumple:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crumple:

Sentence/Example of Crumple:

The entire front of the car in front of the cabin is a crumple zone designed to absorb the impact in a crash before the energy can make its way to the cells.

The man who would face a cannon's mouth would falter before the face of a woman whom he could crumple with one hand.

The life went out of her like the flame from a dying candle, and she seemed to shrink and crumple and to sway upon her feet.

They can't endure it; so much goodness breaks down their wing arches, and the glorious ones crumple together like tissue-paper.

She will wear a lovely dress she calls a tea-gown, all soft and lacey, and she doesn't mind how much I crumple it.

Then he seemed to crumple up entirely, and, falling forward, rolled with a loud splash into the river.

Then I tried to climb back to you for consolation and found that my legs would crumple under me in the most absurd fashion.

The other articles should be removed one at a time, not forgetting to crumple the paper into a ball before taking it out.

As he approached he evidently saw the young soldier crumple in his hand a paper he was reading, and hide it hastily about him.

Then you fold it up, crumple it, thrust it into your breast-pocket, and look round like a man waking from a dream.