Crumpled [verb]

Definition of Crumpled:

make or become wrinkled

Synonyms of Crumpled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crumpled:

Sentence/Example of Crumpled:

A stranger, seeming a little embarrassed to interrupt, stands there in a crumpled tan suit.

Whether this was the seed of something — or just dinner with a stranger — seemed less important as I turned on the oven, smoothed out my crumpled menu, and started to cook.

There it was, he said, stuffed in a crumpled ball behind a locked metal barricade 4 feet below the pavement.

I began thinking about a crumpled sheet of paper more than 20 years ago, early in my scientific career.

In 2020, time and again, the crumpled paper hurled into the corner was the work of the scientists.

This was the standard treatment at the time — the “crumpled piece of paper” model that Jeanmarie Perrone mentioned.

He returned to the vestibule with the strip folded and somewhat crumpled in his hand.

The impact dragged down on the speed of the roadster so that the rear right fender was only crumpled by the brick work.

So saying, Mr. Mudge rose, drew from his pocket—his waistcoat pocket—a crumpled piece of paper, and handed it over.

Finally, Burkey crumpled against the wall, one eye closed, the other looking sleepy.