Crunchy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crunchy:

Whether sweet or savory, mashed or crunchy, classic or newfangled, versatile potatoes can salvage any day, and we’ll happily celebrate them in all forms.

Once I have freshly made breadcrumbs, I add them to pasta as a final crunchy topping, to salads in place of croutons and to roasted chicken for a pop of texture.

Until you’ve had that bitter, crunchy tangle of brassicaceae nestled within that sweet and salty cabbage pouch, you haven’t lived.

The old standbys—cubed bread and crunchy veggies—are always appropriate.

A celebration of the salty, sweet, crunchy, and sticky treats that make life worth eating

I wondered why it was so crunchy until I discovered that there was a beetle inside all the dehydrated peas in the soup.

Run the kernels through a food chopper or meat grinder to make a Crunchy butter.

And—quite in contrast to the evening of her seventh birthday anniversary—toast there was, deliciously crisp and crunchy!

It was pitch dark, and the stars were shining, and the snow was so nice and crunchy.