Crusted [verb]

Definition of Crusted:

cover with layer of material

Synonyms of Crusted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crusted:

Sentence/Example of Crusted:

Indeed, there is nothing so dangerously attractive to speaker and to audience as a fine old crusted political tag.

The real nature of which my dear guardian spoke is only hidden away, crusted over by the rough life George has led.

Our horses were poor and when I made the sun blue we crusted the buffalo and killed many with our lances.

I can see the rooms crusted with ormolu, the fauns foisted on the ceiling, the ripping rident goddesses on the walls.

It was a broken-off harrow tooth, scaled like a long, red fish with the crusted rust of years.

Finch: some crusted old port for you, as a respectable family solicitor, eh?

But as I flashed my light up across its pillars, it answered with the shifting sparkle of gems crusted thick upon it.

Some crusted stones lay broad as gray doors on ancient graves; but the most stood up in irregular oblongs, white and lichened.

The half-way crown was crusted thick with colored stones the like of which I could not have imagined in my dreams.

Minerals glowed there, giant crystals, like jewels, crusted with strange lichen-like growths and colors.