Crusting [verb]

Definition of Crusting:

cover with layer of material

Synonyms of Crusting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crusting:

Sentence/Example of Crusting:

Crusting, if present, is to be removed by warm embrocations.

The crusting over some of the swamps readily supported a man walking upon it.

The crusting of ice was thicker; it changed to dark blue, and to black; the noise of the waters was the only guide.

The appearance of any tendency to crusting, to break down or ulcerate is significant of epitheliomatous degeneration.

Secondarily, crusting, and at times a mild or severe grade of dermatitis, may be brought about.

Cold oils slid along his veins, chilling his blood: age crusting him with a salt cloak.

Fingal's Creek was almost at its usual level and the silt was crusting along its bedraggled borders.

This smooth surface will prevent any further sticking and crusting of discharge.

There is not the same tendency to crusting as occurs after operation on the inferior turbinal.

Bag cooking prevents cake crusting over and thereby permits it to rise to its full height.