Crutch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crutch:

According to Trudeau, even Nigg himself sees the comfort filter idea as “a crutch until we can figure out how to use biomechanics.”

He was between the wheels when we stopped, and I planted a crutch on one of his bare feet and embraced him.

At the mention of the doughty Scot I pounded the floor with my crutch and repeated "Dug—dug—dug."

My crutch emphasized this mandate, but I could not see how it was received, for every scholar's face was hidden from me by a book.

I hurled my pipe into the smouldering coals; I tossed a crutch at little Colonel, and the dog ran howling from the room.

Ezekiel designed a statue located at Lynchburg in honor of Major Daniel which shows him seated and holding a crutch.

Recalling the Confederate "sojers, marchin', marchin'" to the drums, she beat a tempo on the floor with her crutch.

On either side of the gunwale aft is fitted a brass crutch for supporting the main boom when the vessel is at anchor (fig. 21).

And, shaking her crutch, without looking backward, she set out on a run toward Kerver Castle.

Kelly was standin' on the platform with a crutch in his hand landin' the sheep, when there came a old crow in the tree overhead.