Crying [adjective]

Definition of Crying:


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Sentence/Example of Crying:

Today I rally but do not have the energy to both skin and keep my crying in check.

Their coughs echoed through the dorm at night, mixed, some remembered, with the quieter sounds of crying.

The forest was dense here, the trail overgrown, and you were about to reach reflexively for the phone you didn’t have, to shed some light on the path, when you first heard the crying.

The wretched young man persistently exercises his right of crying "Banco," and so practically going double or quits each time.

They were standing over the cots in the nursery late at night, and I think that Mamma was crying softly.

The atmosphere seemed drawn taut before him as though it must any instant split open upon a sound of crying.

His duty it was to stand at the head of the scalding trough, watch in hand, to "time" the length of the scald, crying "Hog in!"

I noticed that you had set her crying again, Lucy, for about the tenth time to-day.

Surely it was a crying shame to stop the children of that family from crying in the future.

There shall be a crying for wine in the streets: all mirth is forsaken: the joy of the earth is gone away.