Crypt [noun]

Definition of Crypt:

burial place

Synonyms of Crypt:

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Sentence/Example of Crypt:

The restored stone crypt and the new columbarium have 645 niches.

It faces what had been a holding crypt, where caskets were stored temporarily during the winter when the frozen ground was too hard to turn over.

A large recess in the wall next to the Papal Crypt is thought to have held her sarcophagus.

The first of these areas which we reach on entering the vineyard is that known as the crypt of St. Lucina.

The names of many Ccilii and other noble Roman families are also found on epitaphs in this crypt.

The same purpose is effected within the crypt by balustrades, and even by parallel galleries to the same chamber.

Then about twenty monks, with their heads buried in immense hoods, came out of the crypt, and stationed themselves in the nave.

This church is a parallelogram, without east or west windows or aisles, and is built upon a fine groined crypt.

At this extremity of the crypt, where he had now penetrated, there was a still greater heap of remains.

His mind, quick to form images, likened it to a crypt, a tomb in which all his hopes laid buried.