Cryptograms [noun]

Definition of Cryptograms:

coded document

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Sentence/Example of Cryptograms:

Then, with the cryptogram before you, you divide the figures into series of four, each four figures representing a letter.

The XVIth canto goes on with the much discussed and much too emphasized cryptogram of the ox and the hare.

He took the copy of the cryptogram from my writing-table and again examined it.

What induced you to believe that the cryptogram had any reference to the new submarine.

"Now as for the cryptogram which tempted you so sorely," went on the Baron smoothly.

Thus, to decipher a cryptogram is to seek what in this document remains invariant, when the letters are permuted.

How well grounded were his apprehensions the appearance of this lesser cryptogram may serve to show.

“The Great Cryptogram” furnishes, as before stated, five root numbers; the Hamlet cipher uses but two of these, 516 and 523.

A joker would have made the curious cryptogram more conspicuous.

What if the true cryptogram were concealed in this strangely emphasised and deeply noted line?