Crystalline [adjective]

Definition of Crystalline:

very clear

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Sentence/Example of Crystalline:

Rarely, sodium urate occurs in crystalline form—slender prisms, arranged in fan- or sheaf-like structures (Fig. 32).

It is a white crystalline fusible solid, insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol and in solutions of the alkalies.

It is a crystalline solid less fusible than margaric acid, but closely resembling it in its other properties.

These limestones are hard and possess to a greater or less extent a crystalline texture.

Crystalline epidote, and whitish quartz, apparently from a vein.

Solid crystalline substance, with a strong ammoniacal odour, volatile and soluble.

A crystalline substance found in the leaves of several species of anemone, viz.

In the immediate neighborhood are hygienic baths of pure crystalline water.

The Laurentian rocks of the typical Laurentide region are largely crystalline schists associated with massive crystalline rocks.

It is acrid, colourless, and crystalline, and imparts its acridity to the plant.