Crystallize [verb]

Definition of Crystallize:

become settled

Synonyms of Crystallize:

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Sentence/Example of Crystallize:

Overall, the downward trend of mail voting suggests that the popular perception that the pandemic would prompt a national, predominantly mail election — an idea crystallized during the spring and early summer — is outdated.

Between about –113° C and –38° C, the liquid crystallizes extremely rapidly, even if it’s entirely pure.

The relative amounts of these elemental forms indicate the chemical makeup of the magma in which the diamonds crystallized.

Of course, our childhood dreams don’t always crystallize into reality.

Atom by atom, molecule by molecule of the virus has been studied and crystallized to the nth degree.

The super-saturated solution is a must so that the sugar can crystallize out onto your string.

Michael had always been inclined to crystallize in one strong figure of imagination his vague impressions.

Before the lead begins to crystallize, the upper pot is charged with lead of half the richness of that in the lower pot.

And all the substances which this acid unites with crystallize, and do not deliquesce.

And possibly these agents have been the greatest incentives to help create and crystallize this unrest and migration.