Cubicles [noun]

Definition of Cubicles:

office compartment

Synonyms of Cubicles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cubicles:


Sentence/Example of Cubicles:

Amazon officials said the structure is intended to be an alternative workspace, not a traditional office building, where employees would be able to air out ideas and find downtime beyond their cubicles.

He was living in a dorm of 100 men, with tables in one corner for meals and toilet cubicles without doors in another.

“The office becomes a place to meet,” said Krishna, “Not a cubicle where you do routine work.”

So, I’m working on selling a product or a spreadsheet and I hear the person in the cubicle right next to me talking about basically the same thing.

They operated out of the third floor of the Marquardt state office building, its rows of government-issued cubicles empty.

Then a fat, untidy old man appeared in the doorway of a cubicle within the shop, and Edwin Clayhanger blushed.

He dove into their tiny cubicle, a boxlike contrivance between decks, to secure rifles and cartridges.

Holding up his trousers with both hands, Bart stepped inside the indicated cubicle.

He stepped through into a small cubicle, and the door slid shut like a closing trap.

He whirled in panic, then subsided in foolish relief as the cubicle began to rise—it was just an automatic elevator.