Cuddly [adjective]

Definition of Cuddly:

huggable, embraceable

Synonyms of Cuddly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cuddly:

Sentence/Example of Cuddly:

Tears filled Lettys eyes at the memory Janes words called up, of the cuddly, drowsy baby she had hushed to sleep so often.

Why a dear little Jenny Wren came and picked enough cotton out of me to make a cute little cuddly nest in the grape arbor!

Little soft, cuddly Margot, whom Grandmother took into her arms that day!

The youngest was a fat, cuddly little boy with dimples in his soft cheeks.

I tell him that he can't be the bundle of cuddly sweetness that I used to carry in my arms.

Now Nobby was not there, but in the straw were seven little puppy dogs—oh, so sweet and cuddly!

Perhaps a second text or at least a corollary to this is expressed in the name of the cuddly lady, Mrs. Doasyouwouldbedoneby.

The satisfied one is as gentle and cuddly as one can find among birds.

She wouldn't replace the dear, funny, cuddly beastie with a French cat.

They are fluffy, cuddly, swift little creatures, tiny and quiet.