Cudgels [noun]

Definition of Cudgels:

baton for hitting

Synonyms of Cudgels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cudgels:


Sentence/Example of Cudgels:

That be it as it may, this cudgel that is used to make this man we can call The Mark feel like he’s lucky to be where he is, is actually working since he clearly feels bad about where he might be.

That's the very way we lost the battle:—for had the two parties never met, depend on't, one had never cudgel'd the other.

The higher classes have generally handsome pistols or great knives, the others content themselves with a good cudgel.

Behind him on the roof of one of the houses we saw a man with a long cudgel which he shook at the monkey.

He still carried his cane, but he had no use for it, save to clutch it in one hand more after the manner of a cudgel than a cane.

I am about to fulfil a great act of justice by braining you with my cudgel like a wolf caught in a trap.

Thereupon, placing himself before them, his heavy cudgel in hand, he made ready for a desperate defence.

The stranger looked sternly at the waggish apprentice, and seemed to grasp his cudgel in rather a menacing fashion.

So, with a cudgel in his hand,—It was not light or slim,— He knocked at his wife's head untilIt opened unto him.

Then he shuddered, but recovering, hunted up a cudgel and cautiously returned within the hut.