Cuisines [noun]

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Although these chains, due to sheer size and reach, are often representing certain dishes or cuisines to large swaths of people — sometimes for the first or only time — they do very little to contextualize the foods they serve.

At his Seattle restaurant, Addo, the menu, cuisine, and concept change constantly.

Sometimes new residents and investors embrace the local culture, art, music, and cuisine.

This means that despite the displacement of working-class communities in a gentrifying area, the original cuisine can remain.

It’s easy to go out and find a book written by your favorite chef, catering to the fad diet that you’re trying out this month, or introducing a cuisine you’d like to explore.

His examples include the expressions 'coitron de la cuisine,' and 'un quistroun de sa quisyne.'

A poverty of cuisine would have provoked no contrast, and one irony the less would have been offered up to the gods that season.

And, let me tell you, the rural cuisine of France far excels the civic cuisine that we sometimes meet with out of France.

He tells a story of Strozzi himself, from which it appears that his jests lay a good deal in the line of the cuisine.

Poultry and hens eggs were late additions to the human cuisine, in spite of the large part they now play in our dietary.